Q : How to click become membership?

A : Click ADD-ON from make an appointment online. Then click service or series.

Q : Payment before get service?

A : Yes, every session prepayment.

Q : For credit card payment, business have policy pay in advance (before service) 

A : Any massage service should add Gratuity (TIP) when swipe card / payment. Cannot swipe only service /  add tip later.

Q : Should I TIP massage therapist?

A : Tip is not required. (Massage services price not include tip, separate tip)

Please leave TIP direct in small glass at reception area, don't leave money in the room.

Depend on clients appreciate the quality of services for individual during your treatment.

Therapist work hard for any massage service only you in every session until finish your session.

Massage therapists at Karncharut Thai Massage we do therapeutic massage, have CA massage license,

more skill and highly techniques training to service any clients feel good and happy.

Q : How to TIP your massage therapist?

A : Yes, if you loved your treatment and appreciate your massage therapist >> prepare the room, change all sheets, clean clothing (washer / dryer / fold = laundry) & sanitizer area before and after your session.

Pacific minimum tip for an hour massage is $20.00 and for 90minute sessions is $30.00 minimum.

http://www.diamondcertified.org/report/karncharut-thai-massage Award & Testimonial

All massage therapists at Karncharut Thai Massage not students.

Percentage of your total bill as follows :

Less than 10% = You aren't totally happy

 15% = Acceptable

 20% =  Happy

25% or more = Excellent

Compare Spa treatment minimum rate 1 Hour : $150 , 1.5 Hours : $250  

Symptom : Chronic pain / Frozen Shoulders / Office Syndrome / Therapeutic Massage / Sciatica Pinch Nerve

>> They can treatment your issue?


ขอบคุณค่ะ = Kob Kun Ka


 First Year:$50*/person/year. 


Policies : For individual. 

​Cannot transferable to anyone else.

Cannot refundable.

 Benefits for membership

​​​​Follow us & update news / internal news / promotions / get discounts / special offer / US Holidays /   season / Groupon / Happy Birth Day 

 Pacific about membership charge for one time, use benefits all year until expiration date.

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