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What's the skin of the super fiber skin?

The superfine leather is called "superfine fiber reinforced leather". It has excellent wear resistance, excellent air permeability, aging resistance, soft and comfortable, and has strong flexibility.

The skin is the best regenerated skin. The dermis is very similar to the dermis. The skin is as soft as the dermis, and it is difficult for the outsider to distinguish it from the dermis or the regenerated skin. Superfibrin skin, which belongs to a new type of leather in synthetic leather, belongs to a new type of leather. Because of its advantages of wear resistance, cold resistance, breathability, aging resistance, soft texture, environmental protection and beautiful appearance, it has become the ideal choice to replace natural leather. The natural dermis is made up of many collagen fibers with different thickness. It is made up of two layers, namely, the granular layer and the net layer. The grain layer is made of tiny collagen fibers, and the mesh is made of coarse collagenous fibers.