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Free color card, wait for you to pick up
Come:Huahui super fiber     Date:2018-01-02威尼斯城国际网投

Leather products and other characteristics of the product, although it can be through the online platform to show the texture, color and thickness of leather, but due to filming, display products and other factors, the color of the picture may exist with the kind of color picture super fiber leather shooting lines may not be real clear, but not zero distance contact is not real to feel the skin feeling, leather effect etc.. In order to enable customers to better understand exactly the microfiber leather, we carefully prepared for you a microfiber products color (color range, variety) to facilitate your purchase. If you need to obtain, please contact your sales representative or directly with the customer service staff Huahui, we will contact you to accurately determine the product information (such as color, texture, thickness), and will send the card to confirm.